About Horizon Estates

Founded in 1995 by our founder Dr. M Mahesh Shenoy as a prestigious flagship group of companies, The Horizon group started its first business under the name The Estate, a land banking company. It was founded with the potential Mysore provided when it grew to become a tier 2 city in Karnataka.

A heritage city in and of itself, Mysore offers a significantly higher standard of living. It is the ideal location for real estate investing as it is unpolluted and sparsely populated.

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The prosperous endeavour eventually took on the form of The Horizon estates, a creative initiative for building and land development. We swiftly rose to become a prominent name in the real estate industry. We began preparing land for house developments for different housing societies as well as private ventures.

As a result of this experience, we were later inspired to conduct organised business in the real estate sector with smaller projects. Under Horizon Estates and Developer Pvt. Ltd., commercial buildings, apartments and joint venture projects are being developed. Currently, Mysore-based Horizon Estates and Developers is one of the top real estate and construction firms in the country.

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Years of Business


Happy Clients


Projects Completed

8,000,000 sq.ft

Planned & Executed


Dr. M. Mahesh Shenoy

Chairman & Managing Director

Dr. M Mahesh Shenoy
Horizon estates was founded by Sri. M Mahesh Shenoy, a young entrepreneur. As Mysore developed into a significant tier 2 city in Karnataka, he seized the opportunity. He turned the vacant areas into the upscale housing development that exist today and achieved astronomical success in the real estate sector.
The projects he undertook for commercial buildings, premium apartments and joint ventures helped him further grow horizon estates. In the coming years, he hopes to form new contacts and collaboration with new colleagues and partners.

Akhilesh M Shenoy


Mr. Akhilesh Shenoy Joined horizon estates in 2016 with the goal of enhancing the ground that Mr. Mahesh Shenoy had developed over the previous 25 years. He has also poured his heart and soul into the organization and is determined to push it to the next level.