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Key Developments Boosting Real Estate in Mysore in 2024

Real estate  in Mysore is on the rise, driven by a blend of cultural heritage and modern advancements. Staying in Mysore offers a unique blend of tradition and contemporary living, making it a prime location for real estate investment. Here are the top 10 developments that are driving real estate in Mysore.

Cricket stadium in mysore

1. International Cricket Stadium

BCCI is preparing to build another international cricket stadium in South India. This stadium is set up in Mysore, Karnataka state.It is known that the Mysore Urban Development Authority is ready to hand over 20.8 acres of land to the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) for the construction of this stadium. This stadium will not only enhance the city's sports infrastructure but also attract tourism and boost the local economy.

Source : Star of Mysore

Mysuru-Chennai bullet train

2. Mysuru-Chennai Bullet Train

The introduction of Mysuru-Chennai Bullet Train is a game-changer. This development promises reduced travel time, making Mysore an attractive option for commuters and investors alike. The improved connectivity will significantly cut down travel time, making daily commutes and business travels more convenient. Invest in Real estate in Mysore to enjoy swift connectivity and rising property values.

Mysore airport expansion

3. Mysore Airport Expansion

The current runway expansion plans for Mysore Airport, extending it to 2,750 metres (45 metres wide) from the existing 1,740 metres (30 metres wide), are impeded by the presence of the railway line which runs close to the operational area of the Mysore Airport. This will likely lead to a surge in tourism and business travel, positively impacting the real estate in Mysore. The expanded airport facilities will accommodate more flights and larger aircraft, providing a significant boost to the local economy and increasing demand for nearby residential and commercial properties.

4. Industrial Growth in Nanjangud

Nanjangud, located near Mysore, is witnessing significant industrial growth with numerous companies setting up their operations. This development is driving demand for residential properties in and around Mysore, providing ample opportunities for real estate investors. The industrial expansion is expected to create numerous job opportunities, further boosting the demand for housing and contributing to the overall economic growth of the region.

5. Mysuru-the next IT Hub of Karnataka

Mysore is emerging as an IT hub with several tech parks and IT companies establishing their presence. This growth is attracting a young and dynamic workforce, increasing the demand for modern living spaces. The establishment of tech parks is not only providing employment opportunities but also stimulating the local economy, making real estate in mysore a lucrative investment destination.

6. Bangalore-Mysore Expressway

The construction of the 10-lane Bangalore-Mysore expressway is a game-changer for real estate in Mysore. Part of the Bharatmala Pariyojana Phase I, this expressway will reduce travel time between Bangalore and Mysore to just 90 minutes. Improved connectivity will spur residential and commercial developments along this corridor, making it a prime investment destination.

7. Expansion of Educational Institutions in Mysore

Mysore is home to some of the best educational institutions in the country. The expansion of these institutions is attracting students from all over India, driving demand for residential properties. Investing in Mysore means access to quality education and vibrant student life. The growth of educational facilities is also encouraging the development of student housing and related amenities, further boosting the real estate market.

8. Healthcare Infrastructure Enhancement

With the development of new hospitals and healthcare facilities, Mysore is becoming a healthcare hub. This enhancement is improving the quality of life and increasing the demand for residential areas close to these facilities. The improved healthcare infrastructure is making Mysore a preferred destination for retirees and those seeking better healthcare services.

9. Growth of Tourism in Mysore

Mysore's rich cultural heritage and new tourist attractions are driving tourism growth. This boost in tourism is increasing the demand for hospitality and residential properties. The city's numerous palaces, gardens, and cultural festivals attract visitors year-round, creating a steady demand for accommodation and related services.

10. Green Spaces and Urban Development

The city is focusing on creating green spaces and sustainable urban development. Projects like the new botanical gardens and parks are enhancing the city's appeal, making it a preferred destination for nature lovers and investors. The emphasis on green development is expected to improve the quality of life and increase the desirability of residential areas in Mysore. Invest in real estate in Mysore to enjoy a greener and healthier lifestyle.

luxury apartments in mysore

Garden Terraces

One notable project contributing to this green initiative is Garden Terraces by Horizon. This luxurious apartment complex is designed with abundant greenery, creating an oasis in the heart of the city. The standout feature is the communal garden, providing residents with a serene and green living environment. This project exemplifies the commitment to sustainable urban development and enhancing the quality of life for residents.


The real estate in Mysore is flourishing, thanks to these key developments. Investing in Mysore means being part of a city that offers a blend of historical charm and modern conveniences. Whether you're looking to invest or settle down, Mysore promises a bright and prosperous future.

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